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Iconos Kids After School Performing Arts Program

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In partnership with Salgado Production.

Iconos Kids Inc. offers a full spectrum of classes in the performing arts. These include musical theater, vocal and acting.

Iconos Kids partners with Salgado Productions for the Children’s Performing Arts Musical Theater, to bring professionals from Broadway into our studio with a structured curriculum designed to educate our student to help them grow as artists and as human beings.Our students get a taste of current musical theater shows from Broadway performers as well as classes in voice and acting technique with leading industry experts. They develop artistic talents through teamwork that will serve them for life.

The arts are the most valuable platform to educate and empower individuals. Through the disciplines of dance, theater, and music, this program brings our learning methodology into after school to enhance the imagination, problem-solving, team building, and critical-thinking skills of our kids and youth. These much-needed skills lend to excellence in areas of math, science, literacy, and languages. This program is customized to the needs of kids, With the purpose of motivating them through fun, learning in art to achieve its objectives and work with focus and discipline. Through group activities, students share ideas and are encouraged to take risks and

accept challenges. As a result, the students develop their self-confidence.

Iconos Kids’ training is based on a unique artistic process. The program runs weekly and it is focused on preparation, discipline, participation, ensemble and respect. These are the five keys to success.