About Iconos Kids, Inc.

Iconos Kids Inc. Offers an educational arts program that is designed to help children find which facet of the arts they’re talented in.

Our focus is in providing this program to children from lower income families, so they too have the opportunity to find inspiration through the arts. Iconos Kids Inc. offers a full spectrum of classes in the performing and visual arts. These include musical theater, music (vocal, instrumental), acting, and visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture).

While the children are enrolled in these programs we motivate them to find their talents. In this process we expose them to different opportunities that will show them how to use these abilities in the respective performing and visual arts industries.

Nonprofit organization

“Rescuing young talent through the arts”

Iconos Kids Inc. also encourages all participants of our program to become Icons of their community in every aspect of their lives, in school, at home, and in their everyday dealings with others.

Our main goal is to provide all these programs at a low price so that low income families can afford this opportunity. Our slogan is “Rescuing young talent through the arts”.

We also have the support of professional individuals who are already involved in Broadway productions, and others who are working professionally in the music and television industries.

In the last 4 years of operation we have been able to help many young students find and further their careers in the performing arts, where they have shown their potential of becoming Icons of their communities.

Our mission is to have a positive impact on the youth of our community through art education. We are committed to making a difference in our communities of color by rescuing our talented youths through the arts. We do this by providing quality educational, theatrical experiences, which enhances children’s self-confidence, personal growth, group collaboration skills, and community partnership.

Our vision is to create a platform with the highest standards in which our talented youth can prepare themselves for their future. We strive to become an organization that drives, strengthens and unites our Latin community. In doing so our current Icons, through their hard work and exemplary lifestyles, inspire our youth to become future Icons.

My name is Jovan Paneto, and my children have been attending Iconos Kids for three years. I’m very fortunate to have Iconos Kids Inc. in our family’s life. Thanks to Iconos Kids my children have the opportunity to further their artistic endeavors and have a community that encourages their creativity.

Joan Paneto, Parent

Iconos Kids has been a school of a learning experience for my daughter Lyanabel as well as myself. In Iconos Kids my daughter has been able to develop the talent that everyone has inside and programs such as Iconos Kids help you develop to be able to show what can you achieve if you believe in yourself. Iconos has been the platform for my daughter to grow as a human being and professionally.

Lissette Tifa, Parent

“When children are taught the value of being better , and how to become icons of a community, their path to success will be off to a great start”.

“When children are taught the value of being better , and how to become icons of a community, their path to success will be off to a great start”.

Management Staff

Diana Victoria

Miverba Borjas
Vocal Coach